Saturday, July 22, 2017

Doggone Squirrels

We have these little solar lights around the yard and they have NEVER bothered anyone. Until today. Apparently one of the new generation of squirrels took a liking or dislike to the solar panel and TOOK IT APART!! We have watched this particular party circling the ball, pulling on the stake and just general sniffing all day. Only minutes ago did we see him chewing on a black disc... good grief, Charlie Brown, what is WRONG with you???
In retrospect, I've noticed one particular juvenile since April or so who is rather, well...squirrely!  Or Spaz as I call him.  I'm not sure if this youngster is right in the head or seriously has a nut a little off balance.  He chases all the other squirrels off, acts like a bully and is very demanding when he sees us sitting on the front deck; squeaks and beats his front feet on the ground.
But this focus on the light all day is a curiosity indeed.