Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day. How blessed I am to have a daughter who lives close enough to share eventful times with. This year was even more warm and fuzzy when my special day included a visit from Sara, Bret and "The Boyz", as I call the babies now. As the little familys' car drove up the driveway I was finding it hard to contain my excitement; sunshine and good weather favored us this day so Evan could have a little play time outside with the BIG trucks mommy and daddy brought along. The day before I had purchased some New York steaks to barbecue for our special dinner. Kevin and I both went out to greet them and I heard this, "Wait Mom, Evan has a surprise for Grandma so don't come any closer".
Okay okay, I'll hold back. Mommy was carrying Evan and Evan was holding a bouquet of bright, sunshiny tulips for Grandma. As they rounded the rear of the vehicle, Evan promptly tossed them on the ground. Mommy may have been surprized but I just like to have those grandmother thoughts that Evan was tossing them with love at my feet. (:

Daddy toted out little brother Eric who was just happy anyway and it didn't matter what was going on but there would be twice as much attention today. Then papa brought out Evan's Tonka trucks and set them down in the dirt. Grandma and Grandpa have an acre of dirt, just the right amount for a 2 year old to fill the bellies of the trucks and get dirty. There was soooo much room to roam that Evan didn't know where to start: Hmmmm, oh gosh, maybe I'll throw some dirt in the dumptruck, oh let me see, I haven't tasted this before so let me shove some in my mouth---eeewwwwww! I'll run to daddy and share, maybe he'll like it. Okay, he doesn't do dirt so he can wipe off my hands. That's done, where to next??? Wow, so much dirt, so much room, trees, run, oh try this door on the garage, run back to the dump truck, scoop some more dirt, oh distractions! distractions! What do I do next? Where to just run? And ya know what? Not ONE getouttathereanddon'ttouchthat. THIS is cool!

Can you tell this was one of Grandma's treasured moments? A few hours to share with my family; my fabulous husband and beautiful daughter, wonderful son-in-law and the best grandbabies in the world.

We settled in for some chat and grandbaby play, lit up the b-b-q, Kevin made a run into La Pine to get a batch of diapers (remember those days of packing everything and forgetting at least something that was important?). I had made a batch of homemade potato salad to go with our New Yorks, literally threw together a storebought angelfood cake with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert and we sat down to eat, sharing babies around the table. What more could I ask for? We gave Sara a bouquet of baby's breath and gerbera daisies (her favorite) and we exchanged Mothers' Day cards. This card is more touching than usual with it's expression of sharing motherhood and coming to understand all the gooey and sappy things and feelings I have had for so long, now she knows why I am the way I am, lol!

Then it was time to go since babies sort of rule the roost for a few years with their schedules of baths and bedtimes, the day was coming to a close but so full of love, laughter, joy and another memory to put to paper.

Other than the first few Mothers' Day celebrations when my two were little, this is a topper...
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