Monday, November 25, 2013

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Jane A. Thompson

Sitting on the couch watching the morning news and we hear this scratching noise...Kevin says, "What's that?" I'm like, "I dunno"...he gets up and opens the front door and there was a little gray squirrel. THEY KNOW WHERE THE PEANUTS ARE NOW!!

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  • Bill  Or at least the "Two Nuts" sitting on the couch!! hehehehe
  •  Patrick that's great!
  • Jane A. Thompson It's hilarious--they see us through the windows and they sit on the deck railing and pound on it, "Get OUT HERE and FEED us!!" Talk about the new Peeping Tom, lol!
     Patrick that's very funny! (they sound like our hummingbirds chastising us when their feeders are empty.)
    Jane A. Thompson Pretty soon, we'll be having to SNEAK outside. Every now and then when I am heading out for work, they'll run up to me and stand on their little hind feet, that poor/pitiful little face staring at me. And then when they're gnawing through the walls of my house I don't feel's the word I want?
    Bill  Pissed????
    Sara  Uh oh, they are going to try to break in now!
    Jane A. Thompson That's! Last year we had a little Douglas that got in the walls and at night, when it was soooo very would begin it's midnight snacking. Chewing the walls like a buzz saw in a log cutting contest. I was SURE the house was going to come down soon. I could SEE it in my minds' eye and that one day the house would just fall...
  • Jane A. Thompson Next they'll gang up and surround the windows wearing masks and carrying pine sticks for swords...
    Jane A. Thompson It IS creepy to 'feel' them staring at you because our windows are low to the floor. There's a table out there and they can sit on it, be right at eye level when you turn around...
  • Jane A. Thompson I guess I will have really lost my mind when I think I can understand them...those will be the voices I will hear for eternity. Lol!!
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