Saturday, January 4, 2020

In The Year 2020...

New Year New Beginning. Forward Ho!

In the last 16 months since I lost my son, September 24, 2019 there has been so much that has happened.  So many conflicting thoughts, don't know where to begin. 

I was my son's major care-taker and I would say that towards his end it was beginning to take it's toll on me.  The stresses at work and the combined health issues for me combined with Mikes' passing , well, I'm trying to say that the last few months for him were so not quality.  When you add things to your list one at a time and weeks apart, you get 'used' to them.  When you write the list down of all that you or one is suffering, it takes on a larger personality. 

Mikes' last month was actually the best we had, it was such a blessing to have him with me, I won't go into reasons why but it was just he and I.  I know as I look back, all Gods' plans fell into place, they all fit.  He spent his last week at my house and we laughed and watched movies and shared life stories.  I fed him well. It was probably the best he'd had to eat in six months.  And then I walked out on the deck one night and I pleaded with God to take him home.  Oh please, Father, take him home...there is no quality, as it were, just surviving.  We had a great week, take him away from this pain and suffering.  And then He did.

After the month or so it took to take care of all the death business, the repeated calls to the cable company that we cancelled the service and returned your boxes, blah blah blah, the stress was just unimaginable. After the fourth cable bill and repeated calls that Mike had died, we took his urn down to the brick and mortar office, set it up on the counter and said, "Okay. Talk to HIM about it".  They said it wasn't necessary to do what we did and we said, oh yes it was since you ignored the letters and phone calls that he was deceased.  So that was finally a battle won, same went for several other bills that finally accepted either credit card cancellations or the death certificate. 
To get away, we went to the coast, Newport, to be exact..

My favorite place to go and relax and unwind.  Agate Beach motel is one of our two favorite spots, and we spent four gloriously relaxing days walking the beach, watching the waves and eating great food.  The day after we got home was when the next set of troubles began.  I woke up with my right knee three times it's normal size, October 25, 2019.  So began a long journey of time off work, medications, physical therapy, falling at work and taking more time off work and finally on December 5, 2019 I had a total knee replacement surgery. 

Today is January 7, 2020.  One week into the new decade.  Christmas was minimal and quiet since no family; Mikes' passing, my father-in-law passed last March and mother-in-law is in memory care and my daughter had to work.  Add to that I was recovering (still) and that both Mr. and I had caught some pretty bad colds.  We did have a little tiny tree on the dining room table, a few lights entwined around the front railing and some other little touches so it wasn't a complete loss.  Probably the only year I haven't spent myself into debtors' hell--yes, we did get daughter and her two boys gifts.  It all worked out.  I'm sure things will be different this coming year.  Optimism is a glass I keep full.

Last year we lost friends and family and 2019 brought me closer with my daughter and grandsons.
2019 brought heartache and strength.  It gave me the strength I needed to fight for my health at work and to finally decide to retire from that horrible workplace called Fred Meyer.  On my last day my name tag said, "Nurse Cratched Head Psycho" and before I left the building for the final time, I got on the overhead speaker with this announcement, "Free at last, hallelujah I'm free at last!".  End Of Watch; 11-27-19.
Retired.  Medicare.  Lots to do now besides get better.
Lots of good memories of 2019; watching Sara and the boys wear giant balloons and play bumper in their backyard, a couple of beach trips with Sara, a day at the river in Corvallis, making dinners, spending girl time catching up.

 I DO have to add that on the six month anniversary of Mikes' death, I had driven over to Corvallis with some of his ashes so Sara and I could take them to the beach.  On my way home, let's just say I was goin' a little fast and was pulled over.  Mikes' urn was sitting in the front seat, belted in yes, and the the trooper gave me a reprieve after I explained why it was there.  I was a lot more careful the rest of the way home.
Until the next time...

Friday, June 7, 2019

In Memoriam

I haven't been here for awhile.  Life has dished out some road bumps, there have been a few dramas and two deaths in less than six months.  I just didn't have it in me.
I knew when I could listen to music again that life was coming back, a little at a time.
I lost my 38 year old son on September 24, 2018 from diabetes complications and I lost my wonderful and loving father-in-law March 13, 2019.  Rest in peace my family.  

Intelligent Dishwashers...NOT People

I haven't been here for awhile. A few life dramas and a couple of deaths left me sort of empty for awhile.
When I was able to listen to music again, that's when I knew I was coming back.  

Last week we got a new dishwasher installed and I am getting used to the fact that when you purchase ANYTHING new now, it comes with an encyclopedia of warnings and instructions. Do you KNOW why I'm not an airline pilot???
Today I decided to go rogue and R-E-A-D instructions. Oh. My. Kanobi. First warning says; "RISK OF EXPLOSION". wth?????
"Under certain conditions. hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot water system that has not been used for two weeks or more. Hydrogen gas is explosive. Before using a dishwasher that is connected to a hot water system that has been unused for two weeks or longer, turn on all hot water faucets and let the water flow from each for SEVERAL MINUTES. This will release any accumulated hydrogen gas. As the gas is explosive, do not smoke or use and open flame during this time."
Well...who knew??

Some of the comments after I posted my new purchase. ;)

    D: Does the dishwasher make sandwiches too?

  • Janie Thompson
    Janie Thompson No Dan, we got the cheaper model, lol! I don't care for all the metallic looking ones so we got...oh no...a WHITE one! And the guy said it was noisy. Guess he never heard my OLD one, sometimes thought it was in it's death throes!
  • Janie Thompson
    Janie Thompson This new one is like a Prius. Can't hear it running at all. Again, guess the old one (which was 17 years old and still running okay) came with a club and hair all over it.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, August 18, 2017

Another  funny starring Hubby and Pooh:

Hubby leaves the house early to go fishing, says "I'll leave the tv on for ya" since I can't tell between the four remotes which one does what. I get up several hours later TV on. I managed to finally turn on the telly and sent a photo to prove it. Hubby's response was, "Where is the fire??". I said, "No didn't leave it on....I figured it out!"

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Saga of Spaz

I suppose this is a story that will have more than one tale..or even 'tail'. 

Yesterday I posted that Spaz, a juvenile squirrel that is the epitome of teenage varmintdom, was attacking one of our solar lights.  First he kept trying to dismantle the actual ball from the stake, since he couldn't get a good grip on that, he went after the solar battery pack.  Today, he managed to behead his solar nemesis and then continued to gnaw and ravage the silent enemy. I removed the poor victim, returned to the scene of the crime and literally peppered the area with lemon pepper and garlic...since he was in such a rage he tore up the nearby vegetation. Hey, I'm all about living with each other but this rodent has gone beyond 'nature'. Tune in...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Doggone Squirrels

We have these little solar lights around the yard and they have NEVER bothered anyone. Until today. Apparently one of the new generation of squirrels took a liking or dislike to the solar panel and TOOK IT APART!! We have watched this particular party circling the ball, pulling on the stake and just general sniffing all day. Only minutes ago did we see him chewing on a black disc... good grief, Charlie Brown, what is WRONG with you???
In retrospect, I've noticed one particular juvenile since April or so who is rather, well...squirrely!  Or Spaz as I call him.  I'm not sure if this youngster is right in the head or seriously has a nut a little off balance.  He chases all the other squirrels off, acts like a bully and is very demanding when he sees us sitting on the front deck; squeaks and beats his front feet on the ground.
But this focus on the light all day is a curiosity indeed.