Sunday, November 18, 2007

Evan Makes The Call

When you think about it, toddlers have a lot going on in their lives. Find Teddy, oh there's that bottle I lost yesterday, I must find mommy since she's totally out of site and, oh yes, call Grandma! Okay, well I have Teddy, mommy is changing my little brother Erics' diaper or something so...THERE'S the phone. All alone on the couch. No guardians, no "no-no's". The coast is clear...
ringggggringringringggggg, the cell phone buzzes, hidden somewhere still in my lunch bag or purse. I'm on the computer sharing emails with Sara about ebay and I run out of the office to find that teeny-tiny connection to the world and just before it relays to missed call, I catch it and connect. After my initial hello there is a small "hi" from the other end, then an indecipherable amount of babble. Instantly I recognize that angelic voice, it is my grandson. Grandma's FIRST phone call from my favorite Evan!! (yes, yes, I know, he's the ONLY Evan; this is a carry-over from my dad always telling me I was his favorite daughter *only daughter*). In the matter of just a few seconds I had figured that mommy had been distracted by something and Curious George got ahold of that interesting thing that mommy is always putting to her head with a "hello" right afterwards. Evan is a literal button-pusher. He loves the sounds they make and can spend long minutes just pushing and pushing and pushing, absolutely fascinated with something we have long ago gone blind to. I'm pretty convinced he was fortunate enough to hit the redial button on the first try and lo and behold, he got Grandma! Wow, how cool is that? After a few hellos from me I began to hear other noises, house noises, brushing, clicking, more button pushing but no more precious 'hi's'. I was attempting to get Evan's attention by talking loudly, asking for momma, loudly calling "Sara? Sara! Your son is on the phone!" One minute...two minutes go by and my cell phone minutes are adding up as well. Since Sara and I were emailing each other I fired of a letter telling her her son was calling Grandma, lol! One letter, two letters, then I call her cell phone, no answer so I leave a message. Finally an envelope appears on my computer screen and it's from Sara, "Oh Evan found the phone and took it in his room and was playing", hence the odd noises I heard.
I can't get a real-life picture of that little rascal but I can cherish that moment from here forever.
How accidentally sweet and precious. Not everyone gets a once in a lifetime call from their 15 month old grandchild. All on their own.