Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Well helloooo 2011! You came in with lots of snow, yay! Maybe this year I will finally be able to toboggan down the driveway. At least this winter has begun with a real snow bang! We've had the driveway plowed three times and during the last one, the plow driver got stuck! He had to call a tow truck to get him out of a small divet he'd created. I took pictures of this event from inside the house as I didn't want the boys to feel embarrassed. And so how many men does it take to move one stuck truck?
Adding to this year, Kevin built our first snow man about two weeks ago and he did a great job. Then it warmed up a bit and our handy little helper was left in a sad little heap.
Today, January 6th, we went in to town to get my first pair of eyeglasses: for the last 7 years I have been buying reading glasses to get by with.
I finally decided I was tired of peaking over the rims to look at something that was far away and I am tired of spending $20.00 every few months to get new ones that don't look like the 1950's Superman pair. And I think I am finally old enough and that it's been imprinted long enough on this ol' brain to take care of an expensive new set of eyes. All the reasons for holding out are truly no longer valid: I would sit on them, step on them, lose them or even manage to have my seatbelt grab them on the way back to it's lair and fling them out the window into the parking lot. Yes, that did happen once. I had discovered that I could hang my glasses on my necklace while I'm driving; a safe and secure spot, always knowing right where they are.
Until that day.
I had pulled into my favorite parking spot at work and turned off the car, got my purse and 'stuff' ready and proceeded to undo the seat belt. "PHHFFFZZIT!"...tinkle...CRUNCH!
What the heck was that? Hmm, okay, well let's see; purse, lunch, glasses..GLASSES? where the heck did they go??? It took a minute or two for it to dawn on me that they had just been hijacked by my seat on it's automated return and they were literally yanked off my neck and thrown out the window. And then promptly run over by a car.
Did I learn a lesson?
Yep. Hang the glasses on my necklace and then TUCK them down inside my shirt. Still works.
And so now the trepidation to invest in something a little more expensive and much better for my eyes is gone. They're do in ten days.
I'll keep ya posted...