Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring in the high desert

You know it's spring here now, the ravens are camping out on the highway, staking their claims on the most recent road kill. As I was driving to work yesterday, I came pretty close to having grilled vulture as one flew down to rob the ravens of their prize, then it immediately flew away two feet before I plastered him on the radiator. The Stellars' jays are screaching at each other and at the squirrels who are hording up at the local bird feeders. Peanuts are the grand cache lately. The trash cans now wear a new elastic belt, style by Bunji, to keep the racoons out. Kevin cleaned up a mess from the other nights' first raid. I don't think I want to run into one of them since the dusty paw prints that were left on the outside of the plastic trash bin were huge! I would make a guess that it's at least a 50 pounder by the size of it's feet. They are getting free food from somewhere if they are bigger than my grandson, lol!
And last night the bullfrogs were in full chorus-if you didn't know what they were you would have thought it was a generator running. I stepped out on the front deck about ten p.m. to see the stars, smell the air and listen to nature, that's my nighttime toddy. There are a few daffodils trying to pretty up the landscape and my tulips have survived the first deer raid, courtesy of ACE fencing. I notice out here where we live that you can actually smell the dirt in the air at night, smell the pine needles. I sure miss that heady aroma of clover in Alaska's spring...